A “Sneak Peek” Inside The Perfect Pair’s Shoe Room Pt. 2

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Kenny G. also known as The Perfect Set's tennis shoe collection was taken into consideration the very best by several, which wanted just seeing Part 1 of his "Preview" episode two weeks back. Part 2 is a lot more outrageous with LeBron tries, uncommon gamer exclusives and also 1-of-1s never seen before. Check out the remainder of the Perfect Set's fantastic collection below.

A "Sneak Peek" Inside The Perfect Pair's Shoe Room Pt. 2

Kenny G. aka The Perfect Pair's sneaker collection was considered the best by many, and that was after only witnessing Part 1 of his "Sneak Peek" episode two weeks ago. Part 2 is even more insane with LeBron samples, rare player exclusives and 1-of-1s never seen before. Check out the rest of The Perfect Pair's amazing collection below.