Shoe Goo

Shoe Goo is a superior adhesive and sealant that easily and permanently repairs all types of footwear. Use Shoe Goo to mend rubber soles, tears in canvas or leather tops or to stop shoe laces from fraying. Dries to a waterproof, flexible rubber, so it will repair waders and boots without breaking or cracking.… Read the rest

Sheepskin Care Kit

UGG Australia sheepskin care kit & brush, Non-toxic, biodegradable & no animal products used. Includes: cleaner, protector & freshener; each 4 oz., Rejuvenates life of UGG sheepskin footwear. Scuff eraser on brush to revive the natural luster UGG Australia, Style Number: 510.… Read the rest

LOCK LACES 2-Pack (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)

LOCK LACES are 48" in length and can stretch up to 72". The laces are a one size fits all for both children and adults. It is recommend that the user's foot is inserted in the shoe during the installation process prior to trimming the excess lace 2-3 inches from the Lock device then attaching your Cord Clip end piece. Each package of LOCK LACES contains 2 laces, 2 Lock devices and 2 Cord Clip end pieces suitable for lacing up 1 pair of shoes.… Read the rest

Due North Everyday G3 Ice and Snow Traction Aid

The versatile Due North Everyday G3 Traction Aids are ideal for outdoor winter activities that require urban and light-duty casual, dress and athletic footwear. Whether you're shoveling the sidewalk, walking the dog or just running errands, the lightweight yet durable design of these Traction Aids will give you the confidence you need when walking or running on icy and snowy conditions.… Read the rest

HICKIES Elastic No Tie Shoelaces

HICKIES is a groundbreaking responsive lacing system that replaces shoelaces and turns any sneaker into a slip-on so you can easily slip in and out of your shoes while keeping them snug and secure. Get rid of the bows and customize your footwear. 16 color combinations allow you to customize your shoes in unique ways. Each package Includes 14 Hickies enough to style and customize one pair of shoes.… Read the rest

PEET Dryer – Original 2-Shoe Electric Dryer, Black

The peet dryer is a clever device designed to effectively remove wet, sweat and odor from footwear and gear, without deteriorating materials and without using an undue amount of energy. Peet dryers are safe for use on footwear and gear made from most any materials: leather, canvas, rubber, vinyl, cloth, plastic and all modern fabrics.… Read the rest

Outdoor Research Men’s Crocodile Gaiter

Like their namesakes, Crocs have been around forever. And because they re tough as nails, they have hardly changed. The instep strap now triple barracked Bio Thane webbing, and an additional tab holds the front opening down, but otherwise they remain as they were when they first appeared. The fitted design and durable, waterproof fabrics are as effective now as ever.… Read the rest