Boston Bruins Go Into The Stands In 1979

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On December 23, 1979, in what remains as one of the most memorable fan-athlete confrontations in sports, Boston Bruins defenseman Mike Milbury whacked a New York Rangers fan with the fan's own shoe during an altercation in which several Bruins players went over the glass and into the stands at Madison Square Garden. The incident resulted in three Boston players being suspended.… Read the rest

NBA 2K11 My Player Playoffs – CFG1 – Chris Smoove’s Signature Shoe

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CFG1 = Conference Finals Online game 1

I lastly understood the shoe endorsement, yet I don't have time for that today. I'm in the eastern conference finals! Ray Allen isn't playing in this ready some factor. I will investigate the reason hereafter game.

1:20 Skip the introduction
1:38 Reach I instruct
1:55 Very early oop
2:06 Shaq takes a jumper
3:34 I do not have to protect Rondo
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