Bloch Dance Womens Eclipse Canvas Shoe

Soft canvas upper. Vamp cut hugs the foot without limiting activity. Silicon backing on elastic strap to stop band from slipping while walking. Cotton terry cellular lining under foot for comfort. Natural leather front outsole with conventional ballet footwear pleating for turning convenience. Sizing Suggestion: XS: US 3, S: United States 3.5, 4,4.5 (EU size: 35,35.5), M: United States 5.5,6,6.5,7 (EU size: 36.5,37,37.5,38), L: United States 8,8.5,9 (EU dimension: 39,39.5,40), XL: United States 9.5,10.5,11 (EU size 40.5,41.5,42). Material: Canvas.