Diamond Resources 8196-Bamboo Hand-Crafted Shoe Shine Kit

At Diamond Resource, we are continually introducing value priced products to make common tasks at home and work easier and more effective to perform. Diamond Resource is a subsidiary of Feature Products with US headquarters in New Hampshire. It is with pride and pleasure that we present to you our consumer products that have received rave reviews for design, usefulness and value. Although the world has become more casual, we all feel that appearances are important. Since local shoe shine parlors are sadly becoming extinct, the Bamboo Shoe Shine Kit can accomplish this same effect for a lot less money and time. This wooden box offers storage room for all you shoe care accessories and a smartly designed foot rest on the lid. It is constructed of well-crafted solid Bamboo wood with a light stained finish. Design features stainless steel hinges that keeps the box strong and sturdy. Smartly designed contoured top to keep the shoe in place and won't tip over when opened. Diamond Resource 8196-Bamboo Wood Shoe Shine Kit fits nicely in your closet and includes two horsehair brushes (one small and one large), black and brown polish and shine cloth. There's ample room for your own supplies too! Box measures 6.5" L x 11" H x 12.5" W Inch.