LOCK LACES (Elastic Shoelace and Fastening System) (Black)

LOCK LACES are 48" in length which could stretch as much as 72" and also are.25 centimeters in diameter, 7-strand fibers. The shoelaces are a one size fits all for both kids and also grownups. It is advise that the user's foot is placed in the footwear throughout the installation procedure before trimming the excess shoelace 2-3 inches from the Lock device then affixing your Cord Clip end piece. Each package deal of LOCK LACES has 2 shoelaces, 2 Lock cellphones as well as 2 Cord Clip end pieces appropriate for lacing up 1 pair of shoes. Who can use LOCK LACES? LOCK LACES are perfect for everyone, from joggers and triathletes, to kids, senior citizens and also people with special demands. SECURE LACES additionally give some individuals the independence as well as self-confidence to slip on as well as off their shoes without having to depend upon others for help. LOCK LACES are additionally fashionable with their appealing colors which match many shoe brands and also models (who intends to wear Velcro)! What separates LOCK LACES from their rivals and other items is the total quality of the lacing system which includes being water resistant, resilience, simplicity of usage as well as simple installation. The laces are elastic which offer the individual an extra stretch-fit comfort and also assistance by complying with the customers foot which lowers heel slippage and pressure points along with increasing blood circulation throughout the foot.