Man Turns To DOG, Eats Shoe In CHURCH!!!

If you don't think demonic ownership is real, this video will likely alter your mind and shock you to the really core! What on earth might make a young man slink on the floor, growl precisely like a canine and even eat his own shoe in the view of observers in the thousands ?!? Yes, it's wild; indeed, it's unusual – however IT 'S REAL!

During a time of prayer at The SCOAN, the devil within this young Liberian guy is shockingly revealed, the totality of his functions contorting to the similarity, activity and also creepy noises of a wild pet.

This might appear and also look insane to the first observer – but at The SCOAN with T.B. Joshua, it is a normal event as week-in, week-out, satan as well as his horde of malevolent representatives are reproached by the power of the Holy Spirit.

See exactly how this boy is set free by Jesus Christ from the irons of darkness!