OrthoStep Metal Shoe Horn 7.5 inch – Made in the USA

This is a high-end shoe horn made from top quality steel, it's a have to have product. This is a 7 1/2" super smooth excellent quality professional steel footwear horn. The level of smoothness of this footwear horn assists slide your foot conveniently right into your footwear. We respect your footwears, consequently we smoothed out the sides specifically for you so it won't harm your pricey footwears. On top of all this we have actually 3 rich colored shoe horns for you to select from, antique cleaned brass, antique brushed nickel, and traditional black. Great gift product also. So by using this shoe horn from OrthoStep it will help lengthen the life of your footwears by keeping the heel from damaging down each time you place your shoes on. Made in the USA.