Shoe Stretcher Pair, Women, Size 5-10, 2-Way, Length & Width, Wood, Shoe Stretch

Stop Wearing Painful Shoes!

It has happened to us all: we get those brand new shoes on our feet only to find that they are unbearable to wear. Or we have that pair of shoes that we love but they have never seemed to fit correctly. Whether it is the tightness of the shoe or pain caused by a foot ailment such as a corn or bunion, you do not need to suffer any longer!

You can now correctly stretch your favorite shoes for a more comfortable fit with this pair of New 2-way wood shoe stretchers.

The highest quality of its kind, the wooden components of this stretcher are made of highly polished pine wood designed to stretch the width of low heel shoes and other tight-fitting shoes to provide relief to feet suffering from bunions, corns, hammertoes or even wide feet.

No More Breaking In Shoes Yourself…

You can also use it to stretch new shoes, reducing the painful break-in period. This handy device enables you to stretch any pair of shoes to accommodate the exact size of your feet.

Targeted Relief

Also included are 8 removable pressure relief plugs, allowing you to stretch very small areas of your shoes, letting you zero in on painful pressure points.

Invest in these quality 100% Wood 2-way shoe stretchers and never suffer with the burden of painful shoes again.

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