Tesla Men’s Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe BK31 ( True to Size )

Tesla's BK31 is the perfect option for barefoot route runners.
Minimalist running shoe that is light-weight yet constructed with strong upper products as well as durable outsoles.

A little cushioned zero-drop sole.
Deals specific feelings of the terrain that boosts as well as creates the lower muscle mass the of foot for better security.

Dura Nylon Band
For instep support as well as an enhanced limited fit.

Nonslip Grid
Outsoles attribute excellent grasp and resistance against slips.

Dirt Proof Upper
Keeps dusts as well as spots away while assuring breathability.

Artificial Rubber Outsole
Supplies more striking hold to the ground as well as longevity.

PU shank
Sustains securely on the heels while functioning as a stabilizer.