Zip Grip Go – Emergency Tire Traction Aid for Snow & Mud

Package includes 10 straps – ZipGripGo is an emergency traction aid designed for all motorists. This innovative and patented product allows drivers to quickly get their vehicles "unstuck" from ice, mud, and snow. Easy to install, ZipGripGo fits most passenger vehicle tires and installs in minutes. For alloy and aluminum rims. Not for steel rims. Traditional tire chains are difficult to install, expensive to purchase and are cumbersome to carry in the back of your car. ZipGripGo is an excellent alternative and can be kept in your trunk as an emergency aid. ZipGripGo is an excellent emergency traction aid alternative. -Very economical -Easy to use -Dual directional cleats with double tiered design for amazing results from snow,ice and mud -Unlike chains you can't put on when stuck zipgripgo allows to get out and going again when stuck a most for everyone -Ease of storing trunk,glove box, suit case ,back seat -Easy and light to carry in the back of your car -Quick and easy to install -Amazing results in the warmest and coldest of climates -Easy to use even after getting stuck -Fully adjustable to fit any tire size -You can be the hero that you are help someone in need