Zubits – Magnetic Shoe Closures – Never Tie Laces Again!

Zubits brand name magnetic shoe closures are a revolution in footwear. Imagine getting on your footwears as if there were no shoelaces at all. Think of securing your shoelaces with a straightforward click. Visualize removing your shoes hands-free. Visualize no dual knots, drooping bows, or laces coming reversed. Using magnets to your footwears adjustments everything. Zubits are far better compared to Velcro.

The advantages of Zubits closures go way beyond being simply another "no-tie" shoelace remedy. Our patent pending magnetic advancement makes placing on and taking off lace-up footwears quicker as well as much easier compared to ever. Never ever tie laces once more as well as never ever capture into or out of footwears. Simply attach Zubits magnetic closures to your very own shoe laces (sneakers or laid-back shoes) as well as let the magnets do the "linking". When the magnets are divided it's as if 3 rows of shoe laces have actually disappeared. You can now conveniently get on your footwears and also click the magnets together. After that after a run, or a day at the office, just tip on the heel of your footwear (as most of us do anyways), lift your foot, and the magnets pop open hands-free. After the magnets divided apart you have that broad open footwear again without knots to untie later on. Furthermore, Zubits closures make your shoes look much better by removing the messy bows and giving you a clean looking shoe. Moreover, Zubits closures could be relaced into all your future shoes!

Run, dive, play recreational sports, Zubits are syntheticed to multiply magnetic forces as well as bind along with up to 18lbs of pressure! But Zubits closures are still very easy enough to stand out off hands-free by a forceful action on the heel, because that basic motion produces a lot of pressure. Ever before squeezed out of knotted shoes until? With Zubits, that's the proper way to do it. Zubits closures can be found in 3 sizes to match the size as well as activity of numerous individuals as well as presently come in 6 shades. Zubits closures also consist of practical Lace Anchors ® helping you protect your shoe lace ends inside your footwear.

Updated: September 4, 2016 — 3:44 pm